Star HTML and Microsoft IE7

Molly has a great cross post about Star HTML and Microsoft IE7.

Chris Wilson, Group Program Manager for IE Platform and Security at Microsoft, and Position is Everythings Big John Gallant have been having a conversation about * html in Microsofts upcoming Internet Explorer 7 for Windows (IE7). Wilson has been encouraging CSS designers and developers to repair any bug-specific hacks for several months now. Gallant remains unconvinced the solution is that easy and is afraid countless, unpaid hours of repair work will wind up on the shoulders of those designers and developers who have employed * html related hacks in their designs.

Trial postponed for doctor in tainted-blood case

Trial postponed for doctor in tainted-blood case

The trial of the ailing doctor at the centre of the tainted-blood scandal that left thousands of Canadians infected with HIV or hepatitis C has been postponed.

Dr. Roger Perrault, former national medical director of the Canadian Red Cross, is on trial for his alleged role in allowing the service to distribute tainted blood products to hemophilia patients in the 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Perrault, along with three other doctors and New Jersey-based Armour Pharmaceuticals Co., is charged with criminal negligence causing bodily harm and of being a common nuisance endangering the public.

As many as 20,000 Canadians contracted hepatitis C and more than 1,000 became infected with HIV after receiving tainted blood products in what became one of the worst public health disasters after receiving blood not screened by widely available, but unimplemented precautionary steps.

In May 2005, the Canadian Red Cross apologized and pleaded guilty to violating the Food and Drug Regulation Act by distributing tainted blood products between 1983 and 1990.

Why has America not done anything like this for it’s citizens? We need to prosecute here in America for our people that were infected with HIV and Hepatitis C ! And I will try my best to make sure it gets done by writing my Senators and Congressmen. After losing a great friend to AIDS I feel it is important to help him and his family get closure. I know I can count on all my friends to help with this and as soon as I locate the district attorney here I will post his contact information here. If there was a law passed { blood shield laws} that allowed a corperation to profit from the murder tens of thousands of American women men and children, and cause millions of more infections then lets find out all about it and all the informaiton regarding the passage of this law who was the sponsers the co sponsers of the bill, who voted for it, did the compaines involded in this mass murder donate money to the campaigns of any other sponsers or co sponsers ? Since we are dealing with public information this should not be hard to dig up anybody willing to help out with finding out this information contact me.

Googles Thoughts

Headlines from Googles blogs a must read!

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Fraud Alleged at Red Cross Call Centers

49 people have been indicted in connection with a scheme that took hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Red Cross program to put cash into the hands of Hurricane Katrina victims, according to federal authorities.

Seventeen of the accused worked at the Red Cross claim center in Bakersfield, Calif., which handled calls from storm victims across the country and authorized cash payments to them. The others were the workers’ relatives and friends, prosecutors said last week.

The Red Cross seems to always be in the headlines for miss using donated funds.After reading awhile back about the Red Cross tainted blood scandal and hearing about how many millions of people they infected with Hepatitis and AIDS via tainted blood I have decided to boy cott them. And do some charity work for people with infectious diseases.