Successful IT projects demand business unit buy-in

Successful IT projects demand business unit buy-in
Tuesday December 06, 2005 (09:00 AM GMT)
Topic: Project Management
By: John Murray
One reason for the high failure rate of IT business application projects is the failure of those on the business side to assume a degree of responsibility for the project. Once the euphoria associated with getting a project approved begins to dissipate and the actual development work begins, the business side often seems to lose interest. As a result, the IT project manager comes to the realization that if the project is to be successfully completed, he must assume full responsibility for the effort.

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  1. Hey, nice blog. Liked the way you organized stuff…

    About the IT Proj:
    Agreed partially. In my experience, I didnt notice lost interest as much as sticking to the scope. If there is a way to quantity, there is very little % of commonality between what business folks wanted at the begining and end of the projects. In IT, it is hard to have a successful project, but there can be a successful PM. PM has to negotiate strict change control procedures at the initiation stage of the project and more importantly enfore them. No wonder why eXtreme Programming (XP) is becoming so popular and in my practicle experice of working on XP, it works, though it does make little sense when it is considered for the first time.

    Mallik Reddy, PMP

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