A New Professionalism And New Amateurs

Found this excellent disscussion on this blog it writes “There are now so many web sites, blogs or publications devoted to helping people learn standards and accessible techniques that there are now no excuses not to work with semantic code or CSS. Those people still delivering nested table layout, spacer gifs or ignoring accessibility can no longer call themselves web professionals.“ Andy Clarke”

So wanted to know what you all thought about it! And if someone wanted to start a list of great sites that one must visit to learn web standards.

One thought on “A New Professionalism And New Amateurs”

  1. Perhaps this is true, especially for new designers, but what about people that are using “professional” outdated web creation software, but have many sites they are already running. It can be tough to take care of tasks at hand, and then go back and rewrite the wheel, just to keep up with eveolving standards… of course this is a huge reason for standards.. so this kind of thing never needs to get done, and so pages created will read properly on any platform or device…
    I’d get right on fixing all of my old sites if I knew the standard was going to be applied across all devices, without stupid format and name wars…
    PC World’s Article about Microsoft’s consideration to rename RSS on its own

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