Mobile Devices

It seems that people every where are getting a mobile device weather it is and Apple Ipod, Sony PSP, or the usual cell phone more and more people are getting them. In Japan where it is estimated that 75% of the population has a cell phone the japanese Government has now decided to send out indictments via text messages on cell phones and other wireless devices. What worries me is that the United States will employ the same means for serving important Government documents via mobile devices for it’s citizens and that it will cost the person reciveing the message money for recieving the text message. And of course since all phones have a GPS locator installed in them it worries me that cell phones will also be used to locate people. I just worry about the abuse of power that is possible when relying on text messages for important documents .

One thought on “Mobile Devices”

  1. Not to mention, getting text messages isn’t always reliable. I’d hate for “The Man” to send me something important only to see it disappear into the ether and never even knowing it was sent to me.

    Also, one small correction, only a small number of cell phones actually have GPS — but analyzing cell tower registrations, meaning when a person’s phone actually logs into a cell tower, and then analyzing the signal strength among the towers they are logged into, you can determine within a couple of blocks where somebody is. It’s fascinating and scary technology.

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