Googles Hypocrisy

Google says Google says Google says, well it seems Google is one of those companies that runs on the philosophy of do as I say not as I do. For instance Google says DO NOT BUY TEXT LINKS for PR yet in Googles community forums there are Google ad sense ads for doing just that, buying text links and of course Google makes money every time we click thru , so they are profiting from selling ad space to a website that sells high PR text links. And this shady company that is on the ad sense ad, sells links by the Page Rank. To get a PR 9 website to point to your site it costs anywhere from $1200 to $2400 a month per text link. It is this this type of hypocrisy from the online search engine Democracy if you will, that gets me pissed right the **** off.
So how can Google really stop sites with High Page Rank from selling it? Well go under cover of course. Go buy a couple domains then buy some text links from these text link brokers find out what sites are selling them, then ban them. It would cost Google probably around twenty thousand dollars to do this and then they would know who was selling them and who was not. Furthermore there are only a handful of websites with high PR so it is not like I am talking about spending millions on this campaign to fight selling PR. After all can Google not afford to spend twice that amount if needed to beat this problem of selling Page Rank which no doubt effects its results. I read somewhere that Google made a Billion dollars in the last fiscal quarter alone.
The domino effect by one PR 9 site pointing to another site can make it an 8 if that site just pointed to just ten sites and they became 7s and so on and so on all the way down to 1 it could help out nearly one hundred thousand websites’ achieve rank, and garner better results in Googles engine from that one bought link, and effect millions of keyword results in Googles engine.
I will post how this effect works on the follow up, but I have to run and pick up the kids, I just hope the Googlers read this post and do something about it.


  1. That is like the police saying that something is a crime and then the next week seeing an ad promoting that crime in the Police newsletter to all the citizens.

  2. There is no way Google can stop companies from selling links that are likley to boost their PR…. Google does the best it can with what it has to work with.
    Humans will always try to find a way around limitations and Google will always try to find a way to get you what you want when you search, thats just the way it is.
    I can’t believe you would even consider having Google pay MONEY to fight something that they have NO chance of beating…. even IF they could win the fight against PR brokers, what about the next thing to come along? Do you want Google to fight everything by itself with its own money?

  3. Mike I wanted to reply to your last question Do I want Google to fight everything by itself with its own money. My answer to this is YES Page Rank is something Google made . Also yes I believe Google could win this war very easily and probably for alot less than previsouly suggested and YES they better be on top of any new emerging threats to there search results because I am sure if I type in Disney anytime in the near future and a porn site comes up in Googles top search results then Google needs to find another profession. I was able to track a site on my own that I believe is selling high PR links to an online sportsbook but found other high PR sites linking to online casinos and porn related sites. And after contacting several text link brokers asking about buying text link ads most gave up there list of PR 9 and 8 sites for free so that I could review what I was going to buy. I will be posting all of them in the follow up.

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