Zombie network mastermind pleads guilty

20 year old Jeanson James Ancheta, of Downey, California., pleaded guilty in US District Court in Los Angeles to four felony charges for crimes, including infecting machines at two U.S. military sites, that earned him more than $US61,000, Assistant US Attorney James Aquilina said. Jeanson James Ancheta seized control of hundreds of thousands of internet-connected… Continue reading Zombie network mastermind pleads guilty

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Bush Administration Subpoenas Google in Porn Probe

Bush Administration Subpoenas Google in Porn Probe The Bush administration, seeking to revive an online pornography law struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court, has issued a subpoenaed for details of Googles records of what its users have been looking for through its popular search engine. Google has refused to comply with the subpoena, issued… Continue reading Bush Administration Subpoenas Google in Porn Probe

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WSG Announcements

When the Web Standards Group mail list was created in early 2003, Russ began sending posts to the list with web standards-based links for people to read. For some reason the subject of these posts became “Some links for light reading”. Over the years quite a few people have requested that these posts be placed… Continue reading WSG Announcements

Researchers Develop Quantum Processor

Researchers Develop Quantum Processor A computer chip based on the esoteric science of quantum mechanics has been created by researchers at the University of Michigan. The chip might well pave the way for a new generation of supercomputers. Employing the same semiconductor-fabrication techniques used to create common computer chips, the Michigan team was able to… Continue reading Researchers Develop Quantum Processor

Bill Gates quoted

Bill Gates was qouted saying the following at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 4, 2006 People tend to get over focused on one of our competitors. We’ve always seen that. The biggest company in the computer industry by far is IBM. They have the four times the employees that I have, way… Continue reading Bill Gates quoted

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