Nano Technology To Measure Blood Glucose Levels

Nano Technology To Measure Blood Glucose Levels

Diabetech says preliminary results from our GlucoPals Study proving that patient-centric real-time communication facilitates tighter glucose control. Other findings include improved insulin dosing accuracy, better family relationships, peace of mind for the family, and more frequent blood glucose testing.
Due to the overwhelming evidence and patient feedback, Diabetech is immediately stepping up its marketing efforts around this medically necessary and covered diabetes management technology. Based on the preliminary GlucoPals subscriber data, Diabetech is now expanding its guarantee to include tighter glucose control or the service is free.

Recommended for families with diabetic children ages 8 and up, the interactive wireless communication system connects the child directly with his/her parents, school personnel, and any number of GlucoPALS (diabetes pen-pals) no matter where they live as well as providing the team with direct access to the patient in real-time.

Meanwhile Zyvex Corporation, a leading molecular nanotechnology company specializing in micro and nanomanufacturing, micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS), and nanomaterials has selected Diabetech, LP as its medical device development and commercialisation partner for their wireless sensor implant targeting real-time blood glucose levels in the body.

Diabetech provides the know-how and patented technologies necessary to develop the innovative patients handheld device for not only displaying the glucose levels from the implant to the patient but also for automatically relaying that information in real-time to Diabetechs clinical management system. Diabetech will also be responsible for commercializing this leading-edge medical device technology as part of its Virtual-Loop Program.

What a great use for this technology!