Spammers playing tricks on us all ?

Have been getting an unusual amount of spam in my comments latley so I have had to moderate comments if they do not appear immediatly or even the same day do not be offended for they will get thru I am deciding on weather to install akismet or another anit spam software but one thing I relized is that whoever is sending the spam in probably NOT using the ip address that they are assigned and that I might be blocking people who never even had the chance to comment or becasue spammers have used his or her ip to send a spam comment. Any anti spam companies of professionals out there that would like to work with me on fighting spam please buzz me because by doing just a couple basic things when the computer moderates the comments it would reduce 99% of the comment spam on the internet. How to make a better internet is something we should all offer for free to the masses and for the next couple of posts I will be getting down on how to fight spam. Since at the current rate of comment spam times my life expantacy it will cost me 2 years of my life just delating spam So I am down for starting a working group to combat this problem and others that I believe plauge the internet today.