Verizon to allow ads on its mobiles

Verizon to allow ads on its mobiles

Starting next year Verizon Wireless is going to allow advertisements more than likely banner ads on it’s news, weather, sports and other internet sites that users visit and display them on their mobile phones company executives have been quoted as saying

Verizon officials have said their going to slowly start to intorduce this new method of advertising early next year and in my opinon will be paying close attention to users reactions to this new revenue stream and gauge if the cost of dealing with compliants from users and lost users will cost them less then the profits generated by this new stream of revenue which is estimated by many industry say will exceed the billions by 2010 but Verizon will limit where ads can appear, and exclude certain kinds of video clips which may invite greater demand to place ads then they space for.

Alot of questions need to be answered such as as will it cost us the consumers our airtime to view the ads? And what kind of information will be collected by these advertising companiesa and what will and can they do with it.And example would be if cookies were stored on your phone then the advertiser starts sending me text messages because they know my number? If you ask me this is a bad idea for consumers but cery profitable to the companies, so it is no longer a question of if but when and the only thing we consumers can do is not click on them and complain about them if we do not want see ads on our mobile devices.

I am no doubt going to switch wireless providers if ads start showing up on my phone I am so pissed the last thing I need in my life is another ad for something I do not want or am ever going to buy.

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