Step 2 Shop and recycle

I know all the women out there are going to love this one, most of us have appliances in our home that could be replaced with better more energy efficent aplliances.Everything from the Dishwasher to the Laundry Machine to Hot Water Heaters and Air Conditioners. Go out and splurge gals and make sure it has the E on it for Eneregy efficent. Now I buy everything in cans not bottles and I have and extra trash can in my home just for cans and aluminum. I stopped getting the newspaper every day and now just read my news online. And once every month I go thru my junk mail and send out a standard letter on recycled paper demanding to be taken off thier mailing lists. I work from home but still once a week I pick up all the girls and hit the star bucks for an hour then drop them off and pick them up from work. And with my little girls I always offer to car pool any of the other kids on thier teams or that are in thier classes. And ofcourse I use my Debit card not paper checks to buy everything, I could go on and on but I want to hear from some of you on what you are doing or plan to do to accomplish this step.