Step 3 Get active

There are so many ways to get active in your life, make your voice heard and start talking, let your representives know how you feel about issues that are dear to you, never write a letter always call or stop by. Start getting active in your communnity volunteer to help clean up your city or town or help out the people in it. Turn off everything in the home except the alarm and go out and enjoy everything nature has to offer even if it is ust your backyard. And ofcourse stay in great physical shape start running and woring out and for peeps sake stop all the bad habits in your life, if you have any, like smoking or drinking and pick up two Healthy ones for every bad one you have. Make time for your family and stay active and apart of thier daily lives show them how much they mean to you a good philisophy to live by is live everyday as if it were like your anniversery with your spouse and live everyday as if like you just brought home your child from the hosptial for the first time with your kids.And with yourself always look for the positive in life and never stress the little things but always deal with your problems when the arise.