An Ultrafast Silicon Filter

An Ultrafast Silicon Filter

From Technology Review

Written By Prachi Patel-Predd

“A 15-nanometer-thick porous silicon membrane could lead to microfluidics filters and make protein purification and blood dialysis more efficient.

A porous silicon membrane that is a few nanometers thick can quickly filter liquids and separate molecules that are very close in size, researchers at the University of Rochester report in this week’s Nature. The new membrane could lead to efficient protein purification for use in research and drug discovery. It could also act roughly 10 times faster than current membranes used for blood dialysis, the artificial purification of blood. In addition, the membrane could be employed as a filter to separate molecules in microfluidics devices used to study DNA and proteins and as a substrate for growing neurological stem cells.”

Read the entire story by clicking on the headline but I just wanted to point out this could lead to other things like being able to bring down the levels of a patients HIV or Hepatitis virus in the blood by being able to filter the blood thru a purifier.