QR Codes

My friend the other day was talking about this new form of advertising called QR Codes and I had no idea what she was talking about so I had her explain it to me and this is what she said.” QR Codes are codes that allow cell phones to scan the code and the phone adds information based on the code or take you to a website or a bunch of other things and this form of advertising is huge in Asia but I have never heard about it in America until my friend who is from Japan said something about it. Wikipedia has a great article about QR Codes is is worth a read if you want to better understand what they are.


  1. I like your QR Coder alot. No I do not consider this type of comment spam for the links are relevant to the topic post. Any chance on getting color QR Codes or adding images to the QR Codes coming anytime in the near future?

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