Women Geeks

Women Geeks is a new website me and some other girls have been working on around here to feature some of the internets most brightest and talented women in technology and science. We choose the name Women Geeks after about a entire night of searching for available domain names to buy. Then finding an affordable host was the next task, which we did the same night. Not wanting to deal with FTP issues and also wanting the website to be web standards compliant we went with server company that had fantastico pre installed so we could put a WordPress blog on the website so anyone could add information from where ever they were and whatever computer they were on as long as they had the login and pass. We have still not decided on a theme for the website and after much debate have decided to create our own theme instead of using a free theme or a paid theme from somewhere else. And that is where we are today or should I say tonight, designing the theme from the new Women Geeks website. We are going to go with a 4 column theme and plan on having it ready by the end of next week but for now we need to decide on the placemnt of the Header Footer Sidebar and Posts but we are also wanting to add Flickr or Photobucket slides and probably a YouTube or Google video slide as well. Anyways wanted to give everyone a heads up on the upcoming night, any questions leave them here.