Free storage Billionaires

Me and some friends had a great conversation about what makes a billion dollar company and we noted some recent companies that were all Billion dollar companies and all they did was give away free space. First example is delicious it let people have a place to store there text link bookmarks. Then Flickr which allowed people to store there photos freeley. Then YouTube which allows people to store videos freely. Myspace which allowed people to store all sorts of personal information. So all these sites have one thing in common for sure and that is they allow people to store information freely on there server. And my last example but favorite one is Google which stores a snap shot of everything on the internet that it can see, then sells ads on the sides of the information it sorts. All of these companies have another thing in common, they all got rich off others people stuff.

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  1. You can add FeedBurner to that growing list or atleast they are half way there, because Google just bought them for a half a billion dollars.

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