Medical marijuana yea or nea

There seems to be much debate everywhere about medical marijuana and I for one am for it. I think that if someone is sick or dieing and want to use marijuana to help ease any type of suffering it should be allowed not just on the State level but on the Federal level as well. I am very interested in hearing what everyone else thinks about this subject and I hope it makes it to the National Presidental Debates. We should in NO way be locking up non violent drug users along side violent offendeers. Why someone should have to sit in a cell because they smoked a joint along with a murder or rapist is just beyond in reason to me.


  1. I am totally for the legalization of marijuana Ashley. I heard Bill Richardson is running for President and he is the Govenor of New Mexico which just recently legalized medical marijuana.

  2. I am in total agreement that a patient should have the right to choose to use cannabis for medical and/or recreational use. First on the medical side. I have Gastric Paresis which leaves me nauseated 24/7. Mostly in the morning half of the day. I was taking Phenigin which worked for a few months until I got use to it and then it’s major sideeffect kicked it, nausea. So my doctor put me on Marinol 2.5 mg. It helps but not as good as the plant plus it is cost prohibitive. Even the big $$$ insurance companies don’t want to prescribe it so it will go by the wayside when the rest of America wakes up and medical marijuana is availanle nation wide. Where marijuana is sold, different versions are available all taxed by the federal and state governments and sold like liquor. It will happen. Maybe not in my lifetime since I am 54 but locking up the sick is nothing short of barbaric behavior. I live in Iowa where our lawmakers want to load you up on addictive opiates then they would have control of you. Rather than use marijuana where the doctor’s and all medical people I know, are for it, but to the politicians it is more nebules then Fibromyalgia (That’s an inside joke if any of you people read where that word was used in a stupid description of fybromyalgia by a polotician this week.). So cannabis makes my nausea go away immediatly, just 2 or 3 puffs and I’m good, and this done on cheap mexican weed! As mentioned before in 2,000 years of documentation there has never been recorded 1 single death nor even an allergy to cannabis. Looks like a no brainer to me. Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica are just 2 strains of the many strains of healing cannabis. That’s what’s so good about it, you can find the type of cannabanoid’s that work best for you. On the recreational side, to me it is safer than alcohol & nicotine which is the most TRUELY ADDICTIVE substance known to man, nicotine that is. It is a very subtle form of heroin like life, where it owns your life you don’t own it. When one is addicted to nicotine they can’t go through their day without it. First thing in the morning then it’s once a day everyday, all day long. If that’s not first class addiction I don’t know what is. One doesn’t have that problem with cannabis. The sick use it until it has taken effect which is immediatly so they don’t smoke to much. The recreational user might smoke more in one sitting than the medical user but not to the point of innebration of alcohol. Those who use cannabis like an alcoholic are very few and they have mental problems prior to any cannabis use. So once again it’s a no brainer! Why isn’t cannabis legal already? ASK YOUR CONGRESSMAN PESTER THEM LET PUBLIC OPINION END CANNABIS PROHIBITION JUST LIKE IT DID ALCOHOL. Check out it is a lawenforcement sight against prohibition of drugs and that we should stop spending incredible amounts of $$$ continuing the war. We need to find a drastically different approach. First don’t arrest the sick, then de-criminalize cannabis. A pot smoker doesn’t deserve prison like hardened murderer’s, rapist’s, and the like. So now you know what to do, WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMEN!

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