Why I am voting Democrat

Gas prices are the reason I am voting Democrat in the coming elections. In my opinonĀ the current Administration has failed the American peopleĀ in so many ways, one of them is failing to bring gas prices back down. I am not sure which Democrat I am voting for but Hillary Clinton has caught my eye and Bill Richardson has to but I would have really liked to have had the chance to vote for Al Gore. Maybe he will run as Vice President if Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic parties nomination.


  1. Ashley,
    I have voted for the Democratic Party over the past 30 years with few exceptions. I am so sick of the Clintons and the Bushes I can hardly stand it. I am so looking for another way of this country doing business. We are at the extreme of incompetence right now. The gap between the haves and those who have not has grown disproportionately. Gas is going through the roof and jobs are flying out of this country at the speed of sound. And the worst part is that people actually hate each other over political views. I stood by in shock as friggin Bush won again last time and I was afraid that the entire country had gone mad. We are all friggin Americans! If the country is a shithole we are in this shithole together. We need change!

    We not only need change in the names of our politicians but fundamentally change how we do business. I am going to look at both parties and not vote for a name that I have seen before this campaign. We have several potential disasters looming on the horizon which need new ideas from new people. The Clintons and the Bushes have got us into this mess. We need someone else.

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