Speed reading is easy and fun

Having a great time this Spring so far an dam happy to be alive in a time when so many things are possible. I have to admit for the past couple of months I have read more books and webpages than I have ever read in my life. My mind when it is happy is more inclined to do things like speed read as to when I am stressed out it only can focus on the stress.

I have found a couple really great blogs this month that have made my NetFlakes page and wanted to pass them along to everyone that reads my blog because I know you will like there blog as well. The first is Monkey Sars which is cleverly written by a woman who knows no bounds when it comes to literature.

The second is Cuiso which is a wonderfully written blog that has a very attractive looking theme on it and both I am sure you will enjoy keeping up with like me over the time to come. have any cool blogs you found lately please do share them in the comments section.

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