Holiday Business Presents

Had a great year this year and decided it was time to buy presents for my family so i went around looking for companies and business to invest in for the long run nothing that I want to sell or get rid of anytime soon and me and the family can watch grow overtime. I was looking for something simple but wante dto know what my readers thought were good investments for the future and if you had a million dollars what would you invest in? So chime on take your time and be creative and let me hear your ideas I just may post them.

Some ideas

Was thinking about maybe working on some cool ideas I had been thinking about but came accross someone who was already doing it. But what I saw also made me wonder why I do not just think about inventing stuff all the time for a full time. But before I go crazy and quit my daily job and stop getting a weekly check I figured it I would need a place to keep track of all these cool ideas so figured I would start to blog about them instead of my usual stuff.

Spammers playing tricks on us all ?

Have been getting an unusual amount of spam in my comments latley so I have had to moderate comments if they do not appear immediatly or even the same day do not be offended for they will get thru I am deciding on weather to install akismet or another anit spam software but one thing I relized is that whoever is sending the spam in probably NOT using the ip address that they are assigned and that I might be blocking people who never even had the chance to comment or becasue spammers have used his or her ip to send a spam comment. Any anti spam companies of professionals out there that would like to work with me on fighting spam please buzz me because by doing just a couple basic things when the computer moderates the comments it would reduce 99% of the comment spam on the internet. How to make a better internet is something we should all offer for free to the masses and for the next couple of posts I will be getting down on how to fight spam. Since at the current rate of comment spam times my life expantacy it will cost me 2 years of my life just delating spam So I am down for starting a working group to combat this problem and others that I believe plauge the internet today.

Fresh in from the mail.

Had a great time opening the mail today my long awaited for cell phone arrived the New V3 Razor will be uploading picture here shortly to the flickr account and this cute guy from the nashville delivery service came by Have been tinkering away with getting my blog cojmpiant for web 2.0 since cell phone web use is on the rise and I have used my cell phone or other mobile devices to do a range of things from send email to surf the web and ofcourse video confrence with other professionals accross the web about web standards designs.Have not decided on weather to go to Adobe for my photos or stay wth Photshop but once I decide and get a little more training

W3C Last Calls

The W3C is having last calls for several documents from two working groups and is asking everyone for there opinons on the following drafts.Anyone intersted should check out the website and view the drafts and make any comments or suggestions.

Last Call: CSS3 Paged Media

The CSS Working Group has released a Last Call Working Draft of CSS3 Module: Paged Media, a part of the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) language Level 3. Built on the box model, the page module adds functionality for pagination, margins, size and orientation, headers and footers, widows and orphans, image orientation and page numbering. Comments are welcome through 3 November.Visit the CSS Homepage

Last Call: Content Selection for Device Independence (DISelect) 1.0

The Device Independence Working Group released the DISelect specification in three parts. Content Selection for Device Independence (DISelect) 1.0 and Delivery Context: XPath Access Functions 1.0 are Last Call Working Drafts. Comments are welcome through 7 November. Content Selection Primer 1.0 is a First Public Working Draft. DISelect supports the creation of Web sites that can be used from diverse devices. Visit the device independance home page