San Francisco Geek Dinner

Wish I could have made this dinner would have loved to have picked your brain. Any other dinners planned anytime soon? Ashley

From WordPress

Matt writes It appears that the inimitable Ryan Boren is going to be in Northern California this week so it seemed like a perfect opportunity for a WordPress meetup and geek dinner. Although Ryan is the other main developer of WordPress and we have worked together for a long while now, we have never actually met in person so this promises to be a momentous occasion. We are going to start with dinner at Chaat Cafe at 6 PM this Saturday

Webzine 2005 San Fransico

Wish I could have made it Matt look forward to making the next one though if you get a chance swing my blog

Matt wrties from the wordpress blog

Myself and a few other WordPress folks will be spending the weekend at Webzine 2005 here in San Francisco. It has shaped up to be a really amazing conference that embraces the indy roots of what we do and I have been looking forward to it for a while now. Best of all, it is affordable! Tickets are only $22 for both days. If you are a WP user and attending be sure to say hi during the conference. I will be participating in two panels.

Update of the Best Practices document and Scope document

Dominique Hazael-Massieux from the W3C writes

After a very productive face to face meeting in Cambridge, Massachussets, hosted by France Telecom, the Working Group has made enough progress in its main document to publish an updated Working Draft of the Mobile Web Best Practices, featuring quite a few changes:

* a clean up of the Best Practices that didn’t fit well in the mobile-specific context

* the association of a test assertion to each testable best practices, the other ones having been marked as informative

* a clearer model of how content adaptation fits into the general conformance to the document

* a definition of a default delivery context (replacing the notion of a “baseline device” in the previous draft), serving as a point of reference for cases where the content is not or cannot be adapted for a particular device

* a general editorial clean up of the content

This results of a lot of collective work over the past few weeks, and the group is now hoping to reach consensus for a Last Call publication very soon! As a result of this, the group is not actually seeking direct feedback on this document, since it is expected to be updated in a few weeks at most.

They are asking everyone out there to take a look at this and send them any comments please help spread the word.

Amber and friends at Qoöl tonight!

From Tanteks Blog

“This is not one of those “ladies night” line-ups. This is one of those “some-of-San-Francisco’s-best-and-most beautiful-DJs” line-ups featuring Kat, Tamo, Seraphim, Forest Green, Amber, Anita Lofton and the fabulous Audio Angel. There’s no dodging these beats. Suggestion: Bring a spare pair of shoes in case you burn holes in soles of the ones you’re wearing.”

This was an awsome night I miss the bay area so much anyone up for heading to the Bay area next month if so hit me!

Technorati Users Salon tonight!

From Tanteks Blog

Help us celebrate 1 Billion Links tracked!
This Thursday, March 31, 2005, Technorati will host a user salon to bring together Technorati staff and users for face-to-face discussions.

This was an excellent event I would reccomend going to any Technorati celebration party maybe the 2 billion links tracked party!