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Found this excellent disscussion on this blog it writes “There are now so many web sites, blogs or publications devoted to helping people learn standards and accessible techniques that there are now no excuses not to work with semantic code or CSS. Those people still delivering nested table layout, spacer gifs or ignoring accessibility can no longer call themselves web professionals.“ Andy Clarke”

So wanted to know what you all thought about it! And if someone wanted to start a list of great sites that one must visit to learn web standards.


by jimmy Zhang – Fri, Dec 9th 2005 11:10 PDT

About: VTD-XML is a “non-extractive” XML processing software API implementing Virtual Token Descriptor. Currently, it only supports built-in entity references (” &s; ' > <). Designed to be random-access capable, it attempts to be both high-performance and memory-efficient. In addition, because VTD is inherent persistent, it can be saved on disk along side the XML document to achieve "parse-once, use many times." The "non-extractive" nature of VTD means that incremental, dynamic updates don't require re-serialization of irrelevant parts of the original document.

Successful IT projects demand business unit buy-in

Successful IT projects demand business unit buy-in
Tuesday December 06, 2005 (09:00 AM GMT)
Topic: Project Management
By: John Murray
One reason for the high failure rate of IT business application projects is the failure of those on the business side to assume a degree of responsibility for the project. Once the euphoria associated with getting a project approved begins to dissipate and the actual development work begins, the business side often seems to lose interest. As a result, the IT project manager comes to the realization that if the project is to be successfully completed, he must assume full responsibility for the effort.

Ashley Bowers WordPress blog

This is my new wordpress blog I made it after finding it alot easier to create and maintain then the movable type blog that I bought. Go figure for the first time in my life I found something that was free and better than the one I buy. Anyways my first post so testing it out and wanted to utilize the space to say welcome to all and get ready to have a great time!