Mr Terreiro has one to

Thanks to Jon Terreiro I decided to go to college and make something of myself instead of just quitting high school early, at the time Jon just finished college and was at a job that was paying a si figure salary and living in a nice home, so after he told me that if kept learning for the next couple of years it would pay off in the end. Which it has and now Jon makes a 7 figure salary and own many homes and condos across the World.

If you get a chance swing by his blog sometime and check out some of his great writings on his blog, otherwise you just do not have any idea what you are missing out on!

Coworkers blogging to

Was wondering around my work place for awhile and while walking around peaking at other people computer screens as I walked by I found that a couple other people here have blogs, like me. I was kind of shocked to find out who had a blog and hwy they had one online but I managed to talk with some cool people in IT and found that both guys that run that department also have blogs and TJs blog along with Olivers blog is pretty cool when I was leaving work I walked by and found that our receptionist Pebbles also has a blog, was kind of weird seeing everyone blogging but was kinda of cool to. If you get a chance take a peak at there blogs like I did.

Found Gino Lopez you should to

It is amazing when you find great things as a result of other great things, for instance thanks to My Gaudi I found this great blog written by Mr Gino Lopez that is pretty cleverly written. If you get a chance be sure to add Gino Lopezs blogs to your bookmarks and add his feed to which ever service you use as well.

I always like finding other great blogs like mine on the internet or even ones that have nothing to do with mine but cover there subject well and in this case that is what Gino Lopez does is cover his subjects.

Reading Gaudi

I ve been reading this awesome blog written by Leon Gaudi that has amazing stuff on it. Of course like most blogs the best stuff is buried in the blog and not always on the front page but there is good stuff there to. If you get a chance be sure to check our Leon Gaudis blog about everything in life and then some, because if you like reading my blog then I am sure you will love reading his blog.

Oh yea, it is up and running

Have been working closely with friends on helping launch this awesome website called Flashtising while sells online ads thru different various advertising platforms like blog reviews and text link ads. The website also sells flash advertisements and mobile ads and will continue to add more and more ways to run ads on websites but for now it is up online with a network of dedicated bloggers and webmasters running ads from advertisers.

If you own a blog then you should check out this great website that can help you earn extra income in various ways by selling advertising space on it with Flashtising ads.