Nano-projector turns phone into a cinema

Nano-projector turns phone into a cinema A tiny colour projector designed to be used with mobile phones, handheld devices and PDAs has successfully passed its first batch of tests. Israel-based Explay says its nano-projector engine is a hundred times smaller and more efficient than rival technology. The projector, little larger than a matchbox, will take… Continue reading Nano-projector turns phone into a cinema

Researchers Develop Quantum Processor

Researchers Develop Quantum Processor A computer chip based on the esoteric science of quantum mechanics has been created by researchers at the University of Michigan. The chip might well pave the way for a new generation of supercomputers. Employing the same semiconductor-fabrication techniques used to create common computer chips, the Michigan team was able to… Continue reading Researchers Develop Quantum Processor

Intel Calls $100 Laptops Undesired Gadgets

Posted by Zonk on Friday December 09, @05:05PM from the missing-the-point dept. dolphinlover writes “Craig Barrett, Intel Corporation chairman believes that the $100 laptop computers to be manufactured by the MIT media lab run by Nicholas Negroponte beginning in early 2006 are merely ‘gadgets’, making them unattractive to consumers who will be disappointed by their… Continue reading Intel Calls $100 Laptops Undesired Gadgets

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