Granny bloggers

Seems that a lot of grand parents are starting to blog, and to me this makes a lot of sense, because who is better to give advice on certain things or should I saw most things in life but a grandparent. When I heard the Alice”s granny was blogging I knew I had to subscribe… Continue reading Granny bloggers

Pass the NyQuil

Have been extremely sick for the past couple of days now and have not been able to sleep a wink. Called a girlfriend to come over and bring me some NyQuil so I could get some rest. Not sure what exactly I got but it has taken all the energy from me and left me… Continue reading Pass the NyQuil

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Halloweens around the corner

Everyone that knows me knows that Halloween is my favorite day of the entire year. My entire family gets decked out in halloween costumes and we fix up the house and yard to make it look scary and creepy every year for the tricker treaters that come knocking. Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be tricky for someone my size… Continue reading Halloweens around the corner

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Why I am voting Democrat

Gas prices are the reason I am voting Democrat in the coming elections. In my opinon the current Administration has failed the American people in so many ways, one of them is failing to bring gas prices back down. I am not sure which Democrat I am voting for but Hillary Clinton has caught my eye and… Continue reading Why I am voting Democrat