Fast Food Favorites

Out of all the fast food chains in America which is the best and why do you think it is the best? Mine is easy Mac Donalds because it is cheap and fills me up. But ofcourse when I have some extra money I go for the backyard burgers because they have better burgers then Mac Donalds. I do give Hardess credit for there commercials for they are the best ads on television. And speaking of which when I saw a Wendys commercial the other day I know Dave Thomas rolled over in his grave when Wendy was a man instead of a girl. I think Jack In The Box in great to because they have alot of things on the menu the others do not but it takes a long time to get the food because they dont cook it until you order it. Anyways as you can see I am trying out this new polling feature plug in on my blog so alot of these questions are to come but I am having a blast trying it out at the moment.

Google or Yahoo

Which is your favortie search engine to use when looking up information online? Notice there are several engines missing but none of them do I use for anything but if you do use any of the ones not listed then please put them in your comments and the keywords you use so I can do a comparision.

Medical marijuana yea or nea

There seems to be much debate everywhere about medical marijuana and I for one am for it. I think that if someone is sick or dieing and want to use marijuana to help ease any type of suffering it should be allowed not just on the State level but on the Federal level as well. I am very interested in hearing what everyone else thinks about this subject and I hope it makes it to the National Presidental Debates. We should in NO way be locking up non violent drug users along side violent offendeers. Why someone should have to sit in a cell because they smoked a joint along with a murder or rapist is just beyond in reason to me.

Free storage Billionaires

Me and some friends had a great conversation about what makes a billion dollar company and we noted some recent companies that were all Billion dollar companies and all they did was give away free space. First example is delicious it let people have a place to store there text link bookmarks. Then Flickr which allowed people to store there photos freeley. Then YouTube which allows people to store videos freely. Myspace which allowed people to store all sorts of personal information. So all these sites have one thing in common for sure and that is they allow people to store information freely on there server. And my last example but favorite one is Google which stores a snap shot of everything on the internet that it can see, then sells ads on the sides of the information it sorts. All of these companies have another thing in common, they all got rich off others people stuff.

Women Geeks

Women Geeks is a new website me and some other girls have been working on around here to feature some of the internets most brightest and talented women in technology and science. We choose the name Women Geeks after about a entire night of searching for available domain names to buy. Then finding an affordable host was the next task, which we did the same night. Not wanting to deal with FTP issues and also wanting the website to be web standards compliant we went with server company that had fantastico pre installed so we could put a WordPress blog on the website so anyone could add information from where ever they were and whatever computer they were on as long as they had the login and pass. We have still not decided on a theme for the website and after much debate have decided to create our own theme instead of using a free theme or a paid theme from somewhere else. And that is where we are today or should I say tonight, designing the theme from the new Women Geeks website. We are going to go with a 4 column theme and plan on having it ready by the end of next week but for now we need to decide on the placemnt of the Header Footer Sidebar and Posts but we are also wanting to add Flickr or Photobucket slides and probably a YouTube or Google video slide as well. Anyways wanted to give everyone a heads up on the upcoming night, any questions leave them here.