Just a lil bit

Got many invites to alot of differnt parties this Spring but my favorite invite comes from my friends over seas to the 420 party every year in Amsterdam. Not to many moments in the world can compare to the one minute that happens in this great town and from what I hear all around the world on April 20th at 4:20 p.m of any year. Have not had much time to blog due to the unbelievable amount of work I have had to finish at the office but wanted to blog a little bit today to let everyone know I am still alive in kicking. I ve been selected to host the womens night this week and welcome all those ladies in our lclub to my home this weekend to check out some new gadgets and gizmos and my new flat screen television. Everyone that comes make sure to bring something a bag of chips or 12 pack of soda or whatevers clever. I will order a 6 foot sub from subway like last time and have plenty space for everyone to sit back and relax but make sure to bring your own laptops so we can all LAN. See you all there in Amsterdam

Which contains more alcohol

1 shot of liquor

1 beer

1 glass of wine

Guess the answer and you would have passed my drivers test I choose the shot I mean some bacardi 151 vs Miller light ? The correct  answer is none they all contain the same amount. Well ofcourse I am out to prove my thoery is right which contains more alcohol then I am writing a letter to the State to have the question reworded or taken off the list. Well looks like I will be car pooling again this month since I can not take the test again for another 30 days.