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The thing I love most about my blog is when it comes stuff to write about it it is not focused on one thing but rather life itself which is you probably already know is a sequence of random events that unfold over time, no matter how much you try to organize your day stuff happens. I have tryed my best to keep my writings here about stuff I rather enjoy or find faciinating. Which brings me back to this post and that blogs are amazing in that they give a voice or the chance to have your opinon read heard or watched all over the world.Alot fo people tell me they do not know what a blog is or how to set one up or what to write about once they have one and ofcourse all the good names are already taken. Well to me a blog is something your passionate about something you find exciting becasue no one wants to read misery although sometimes they do so whatever your fancy is love drama misery work or just day to day life start writing about it. Trust me all the good name are not taken and iwth so many dot extensions out there you are sure to find one that is perfect for you. But if you want a free blog then headover to WordPress.com or Blogger.com and get you a free one. What I like about owning my own is that I never have to worry about content being taken down this to me is priceless. But the true reason I love to blog is writing about it, whatever the story is, it is only then can you truley understand what you have just read, is to write about it, then you start to see things from all sorts of other angels or get ideas and perspectives about what ever it is your reading about that you would have never had unless you wrote a piece about it.

Breakin the law, Breakin the law

Moore’s Law seen extended in chip breakthrough

By Scott Hillis

“Intel Corp. and IBM have announced one of the biggest advances in transistors in four decades, overcoming a frustrating obstacle by ensuring microchips can get even smaller and more powerful.

The breakthrough, achieved via separate research efforts and announced on Friday, involves using an exotic new material to make transistors the tiny switches that are the building blocks of microchips.

The technology involves a layer of material that regulates the flow of electricity through transistors.

“At the transistor level, we haven’t changed the basic materials since the 1960s. So it’s a real big breakthrough,” said Dan Hutcheson, head of VLSI Research, an industry consultancy.

“Moore’s Law was coming to a grinding halt,” he added, referring to the industry maxim laid down by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore that the number of transistors on a chip doubles roughly every two years.

The result of Moore’s Law has been smaller and faster chips and their spread into a wide array of consumer products that now account for the bulk of the industry’s $250 billion in annual sales.

The latest breakthrough means Intel, IBM and others can proceed with technology roadmaps that call for the next generation of chips to be made with circuitry as small as 45 nanometers, about 1/2000th the width of a human hair.”

From me

This is such great news for the tech industry everything from Mobile devices to Games will be better faster and more colorful than ever before. When I read the entire article on the Reutuers web site I felt chills go down my spine and my hair raise up on my arms which is so creepy but cool so I knew right then I had to blog about it. Be sure to click on the link and read the article all the way thru. I think whatever company makes hafnium a silvery metal soon to be used in the next generation of chips will see there Stock sky rocket on the market.

Verizon to allow ads on its mobiles

Verizon to allow ads on its mobiles

Starting next year Verizon Wireless is going to allow advertisements more than likely banner ads on it’s news, weather, sports and other internet sites that users visit and display them on their mobile phones company executives have been quoted as saying

Verizon officials have said their going to slowly start to intorduce this new method of advertising early next year and in my opinon will be paying close attention to users reactions to this new revenue stream and gauge if the cost of dealing with compliants from users and lost users will cost them less then the profits generated by this new stream of revenue which is estimated by many industry say will exceed the billions by 2010 but Verizon will limit where ads can appear, and exclude certain kinds of video clips which may invite greater demand to place ads then they space for.

Alot of questions need to be answered such as as will it cost us the consumers our airtime to view the ads? And what kind of information will be collected by these advertising companiesa and what will and can they do with it.And example would be if cookies were stored on your phone then the advertiser starts sending me text messages because they know my number? If you ask me this is a bad idea for consumers but cery profitable to the companies, so it is no longer a question of if but when and the only thing we consumers can do is not click on them and complain about them if we do not want see ads on our mobile devices.

I am no doubt going to switch wireless providers if ads start showing up on my phone I am so pissed the last thing I need in my life is another ad for something I do not want or am ever going to buy.

Fresh in from the mail.

Had a great time opening the mail today my long awaited for cell phone arrived the New V3 Razor will be uploading picture here shortly to the flickr account and this cute guy from the nashville delivery service came by Have been tinkering away with getting my blog cojmpiant for web 2.0 since cell phone web use is on the rise and I have used my cell phone or other mobile devices to do a range of things from send email to surf the web and ofcourse video confrence with other professionals accross the web about web standards designs.Have not decided on weather to go to Adobe for my photos or stay wth Photshop but once I decide and get a little more training

Blogger Buzz

Go Mobile

A while back we mentioned that we’ve been working with Sony Ericsson to incorporate blogging into their new generation of cameraphones. Well, the k800 has started to hit the market and our friends in Sweden have a helpful graphic to explain how it all works.

Check it out!
Jason Goldman

A great idea to bring this feature to mobile phone I am glad to see Google is doing so much more mobile content now.