Well here comes another one!

That is right I am officially expecting again! I just found out I am 8 weeks pregnant and am very excited about the whole thing and I guess at this point I will be taking off on paternity leave so that I can get things situated at home for my baby to be! Have not had time to do much other than get things packed up here at the office and heading home and setting up my home office.

Anyways plan on getting an email or a call from me soon if you know me otherwise know that I will not be blogging for at least a couple months so see you later on or talk to you real soon depending on who you are!

Blogging as a side job!

A lot of bloggers are now making money from there blogs by selling ads on the sidebars or in the posts of there blogs which I am cool with if you want to do it right in a SEO friendly way. But there have been several businesses over the years that have done this in a non friendly SEO way and that has put a bad name on the blog advertising industry but there are still plenty of great places on the web that do it in a way that search engines like or should I say do not mind you doing, also what is known as white hat techniques. And then there are ways known as black hat techniques that are bad and if you do them your website will be removed from the search engines once it is found out.

As you can see I have written over 160 posts here on my blog and have done so with no advertising money and wrote everything here on my blog basically as a place to store my thoughts and favorite websites on the internet! But lately having time to get online and do anything other than read email or read the news has been hard to do since I have so much going on in life at the moment and until the end of the year!

Blu-ray is the clear winner

The war between the two formats blu-ray and HD is now over with all the major United States movies studious now backing the blu-ray disc as the format in which all there movies will be released on. With blu-ray being the better of the two when it came to data storage and looks i am glad that this day is here so we can all start buying one type of player and one type of disc instead of having to choose between two.

My friend would come over with new movies from Blockbuster but they were always blu-ray discs and all I had a was HD DVD player so it would not play them, so she would end up getting the DVD version of the movie instead so we could watch it on my HD DVD player but now that blu-ray is the winner I am going to trash my old player and by a new Play Station 3 because it has a blu-ray player inside.

Mr Terreiro has one to

Thanks to Jon Terreiro I decided to go to college and make something of myself instead of just quitting high school early, at the time Jon just finished college and was at a job that was paying a si figure salary and living in a nice home, so after he told me that if kept learning for the next couple of years it would pay off in the end. Which it has and now Jon makes a 7 figure salary and own many homes and condos across the World.

If you get a chance swing by his blog sometime and check out some of his great writings on his blog, otherwise you just do not have any idea what you are missing out on!

Coworkers blogging to

Was wondering around my work place for awhile and while walking around peaking at other people computer screens as I walked by I found that a couple other people here have blogs, like me. I was kind of shocked to find out who had a blog and hwy they had one online but I managed to talk with some cool people in IT and found that both guys that run that department also have blogs and TJs blog along with Olivers blog is pretty cool when I was leaving work I walked by and found that our receptionist Pebbles also has a blog, was kind of weird seeing everyone blogging but was kinda of cool to. If you get a chance take a peak at there blogs like I did.