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MTV HIghlights from the Google Video Blog

Highlight: MTV Networks
MTV Networks is an awesome global media company known for brands such as MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and TV Land. Now on Google Video, you’ll be able to find your hot, cultural favorites such as Chappelle’s Show, Jackass, Punk’d, Laguna Beach, South Park, and Dora the Explorer.Be sure to click on the link to watch them all.

Blog Feeds Provide New Security Threat

Blog Feeds Provide New Security Threat

Steve at Global Advanced Media askes How on his weblog are we going to fix this one? Just keep turing off java, flash and every other cool web service that makes the net great? I wonder if this is fixed with the new patch i will have to ask as question on the wordpress developers blog.Anyone reading this that thinks they know please comment with a source.

Britney Simpsons Blog

Britneys Blog is reporting the launch of Opera 9 I can not believe it is already out

Opera Software today released Opera 9, its newest Web browser for PCs. You can download it free in more than 25 languages for Windows, Mac, Linux and other platforms from Opera 9 enhances the way you access, share and use online content by including innovative widgets – fun, small and useful Web programs – and support for BitTorrent, the popular file distribution technology. Even while adding these improvements, Opera 9 maintains the security and speed millions of Opera fans have come to expect.

Jessica Landy

And bringing up the rear literally with her big ass that all guys go crazy for is Jessica Landy she was rolled because she is one crazy bitch, if you ever seen this girl party on campus then you would be like no way she is a geek. It is amazing what contacts a little make up and a skirt does for this girl. A truely great edition to the crew not just for her looks but she brings alot of knowledge to the web standards community. She is currently working on several books on the topics of web standards css rss and the sure to check out jessicas blog for her latest and greatest inventions hear her podcasts.

Kim Katrell

Kim Katrell has had her website up way before mine and a blog about her thoughts but she also deserves a little more attention then my site since she is a true geek to the bone with alot more interesting topics then my simple website, she even has a geek husband. Anyways congratulations to her and her new hubby for having a little baby girl. Kim will probably be out for awhile but her site still has alot of great stuff you can read up online.Make sure to send me some pics when you get around to it.