Granny bloggers

Seems that a lot of grand parents are starting to blog, and to me this makes a lot of sense, because who is better to give advice on certain things or should I saw most things in life but a grandparent. When I heard the Alice”s granny was blogging I knew I had to subscribe to the feed via my rss feeder reader which is Google reader by the way. Seems to me that everyone is getting there news via rss feeds now instead of going to the website address itself which may save websites a lot of bandwidth.

Back that thang up

Well I learned the hard way about not backing up my hard drive every once and awhile and before you suffer the same fate, make sure to put it on your to do list. Losing so much work almost makes me want to stop doing what I am doing and start a new career, yea it”s that bad. But I am managing to get on with life and work and redoing everything I have already done, again! Well this is my advice to everyone who owns a personal computer ” back that thang up “.

Yahoos new search

Typed in a keyword in Yahoos search box and I noticed there was a new format, what I was searching for is not important but this new look is because like Google it has allowed for video thumbnails to be played inside the search results which is something I love about one of the new Google search features. In my opinion I think Yahoo needs to upgrade the games part of the website, the spades games could look so much better. I am surprised Google did not patent playing thumbnail videos in its results but anyways I give Yahoos new search a 2 out of 5 because spam still takes most of the top search results and Yahoo needs to spend more time on fixing it results and less time on looks.

The Sydney Classifieds

Sydney Classifieds

I was visiting a friend on vacation in Sydney, Australia and during the visit, we were surfing the web and showing each other our favorite hot spots and she took me to a website that has Sydneys classifieds online, this one website is used by everyone down under my friend says. The website is called Gumtree, and Gumtree runs free classified ads for various things like Sydney Rental Properties to Sydney dating. I guess it is the Craigs List of Australia, which got me to thinking, “what are the other Gumtree websites for each country”. If you know of any websites that are like Gumtree in your country please post them in the comments section so I can check them out, thanks!

Vacation Rentals

Was looking around for a company to help with my vacation rental homes I own across the country, and I found this great website that lists Hawaii vacation rentals and San Diego vacation rentals and also Florida vacation rentals  plus thousands of more locations all around the world. Since I have a place in all three cities, it was the perfect vacation rental website for me to put my homes up for rent for people looking to buy time shares.

With all the money I hope to make using this service, I plan to go on a vacation of my own to the Caribbean.