Breakin the law, Breakin the law

Moore’s Law seen extended in chip breakthrough

By Scott Hillis

“Intel Corp. and IBM have announced one of the biggest advances in transistors in four decades, overcoming a frustrating obstacle by ensuring microchips can get even smaller and more powerful.

The breakthrough, achieved via separate research efforts and announced on Friday, involves using an exotic new material to make transistors the tiny switches that are the building blocks of microchips.

The technology involves a layer of material that regulates the flow of electricity through transistors.

“At the transistor level, we haven’t changed the basic materials since the 1960s. So it’s a real big breakthrough,” said Dan Hutcheson, head of VLSI Research, an industry consultancy.

“Moore’s Law was coming to a grinding halt,” he added, referring to the industry maxim laid down by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore that the number of transistors on a chip doubles roughly every two years.

The result of Moore’s Law has been smaller and faster chips and their spread into a wide array of consumer products that now account for the bulk of the industry’s $250 billion in annual sales.

The latest breakthrough means Intel, IBM and others can proceed with technology roadmaps that call for the next generation of chips to be made with circuitry as small as 45 nanometers, about 1/2000th the width of a human hair.”

From me

This is such great news for the tech industry everything from Mobile devices to Games will be better faster and more colorful than ever before. When I read the entire article on the Reutuers web site I felt chills go down my spine and my hair raise up on my arms which is so creepy but cool so I knew right then I had to blog about it. Be sure to click on the link and read the article all the way thru. I think whatever company makes hafnium a silvery metal soon to be used in the next generation of chips will see there Stock sky rocket on the market.

Step 5 Plant some seeds

You have probably heard of plant a tree day well the same thing here start planting seeds of goodness and watch them grow. This step requires you to bring to life an idea of how to make something better for the world. I planted a tree last year and started a small business around helping people with good ideas so that one day they may in return help out others with good ideas and hopefully the tree will take root and spread seeds to make other trees. Whatever it is you decide to watch grow just make sure the outcome is something positive. Weather your growing a plant or an idea or whatever comes to mind for this step, just remember to give it time nothing great was ever done in one day.

Step 4 The East and West

The North East of America uses 80 percent of the heating oil supply in America during the winter, this is where we need to target better more efficent heating systems that do not rely on oil what so ever. And in the west, the far west that is, we need to buy out China”s coal mining industry. The Chinease Government there invested several billions of dollars on pursueing this type of energy resource to produce power for it”s nation energy. Should the World invest in buying out polluting companies? Absolutley, and we should make it impposible to start new ones. We should make a list of the top 1000 polluting companies in the world and buy them out, only to put them out of business for the worlds sake and the health of every human on the planet. We must all invest in the future, in the best way each of us can, weather it be by donating time, money, or other resources we all need to do what we can to make tommorrow better than today.

Step 3 Get active

There are so many ways to get active in your life, make your voice heard and start talking, let your representives know how you feel about issues that are dear to you, never write a letter always call or stop by. Start getting active in your communnity volunteer to help clean up your city or town or help out the people in it. Turn off everything in the home except the alarm and go out and enjoy everything nature has to offer even if it is ust your backyard. And ofcourse stay in great physical shape start running and woring out and for peeps sake stop all the bad habits in your life, if you have any, like smoking or drinking and pick up two Healthy ones for every bad one you have. Make time for your family and stay active and apart of thier daily lives show them how much they mean to you a good philisophy to live by is live everyday as if it were like your anniversery with your spouse and live everyday as if like you just brought home your child from the hosptial for the first time with your kids.And with yourself always look for the positive in life and never stress the little things but always deal with your problems when the arise.

Step 2 Shop and recycle

I know all the women out there are going to love this one, most of us have appliances in our home that could be replaced with better more energy efficent aplliances.Everything from the Dishwasher to the Laundry Machine to Hot Water Heaters and Air Conditioners. Go out and splurge gals and make sure it has the E on it for Eneregy efficent. Now I buy everything in cans not bottles and I have and extra trash can in my home just for cans and aluminum. I stopped getting the newspaper every day and now just read my news online. And once every month I go thru my junk mail and send out a standard letter on recycled paper demanding to be taken off thier mailing lists. I work from home but still once a week I pick up all the girls and hit the star bucks for an hour then drop them off and pick them up from work. And with my little girls I always offer to car pool any of the other kids on thier teams or that are in thier classes. And ofcourse I use my Debit card not paper checks to buy everything, I could go on and on but I want to hear from some of you on what you are doing or plan to do to accomplish this step.