What an exciting month it has been

A great group of guys and girls are getting together this weekend to start working on our next project for the web and I have been so excited about this new website we are about to launch that I almost want to blog about now but i can not so you will just have to wait for the official launch.

Lots going on around here and the world this month hard to keep up with it all sometimes but I try to. Recently my friends blog unsigned podcast had a make over and my friend Santi started a blog up last month but did not find it till this month. I am always excited to hear or find someone that has started a blog.

Blog Feeds Provide New Security Threat

Blog Feeds Provide New Security Threat

Steve at Global Advanced Media askes How on his weblog are we going to fix this one? Just keep turing off java, flash and every other cool web service that makes the net great? I wonder if this is fixed with the new patch i will have to ask as question on the wordpress developers blog.Anyone reading this that thinks they know please comment with a source.

Jessica Landy

And bringing up the rear literally with her big ass that all guys go crazy for is Jessica Landy she was rolled because she is one crazy bitch, if you ever seen this girl party on campus then you would be like no way she is a geek. It is amazing what contacts a little make up and a skirt does for this girl. A truely great edition to the crew not just for her looks but she brings alot of knowledge to the web standards community. She is currently working on several books on the topics of web standards css rss and the future.be sure to check out jessicas blog for her latest and greatest inventions hear her podcasts.