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MIT’s OpenCourseWare a free and open educational resource (OER)¬†for educators, students, and self-learners around the world.Here is a short list of what anyone can learn for free via this amazing website.

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Brain and Cognitive Sciences
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Comparative Media Studies
Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
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Mechanical Engineering
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Nuclear Science and Engineering
Political Science
Science, Technology, and Society
Sloan School of Management
Special Programs
Urban Studies and Planning
Women’s Studies
Writing and Humanistic Studies

RedHat’s revenue for the third quarter rose 44 percent

Linux distributor RedHat’s revenue for the third quarter rose 44 percent to US$73.1 million, exceeding analyst expectations. Diluted net income jumped to US$24.6 million (12 cents per share) doubling the US$12.4 million (6 cents per share) from last year. With the addition of approximately 12,000 new customers, the success of RedHat is a clear indication of the increasing demand for commercial Linux technologies. RedHat’s subscription business model has been tremendously successful, and close relationships with companies like IBM, Dell, and HP have stimulated RedHat server deployment. RedHat Certified Engineer (RHCE) was honored with the top spot on’s 10 Hottest Certifications for 2006, and analyst estimates inidicate that RedHat has about 53 percent of the Linux training market in North America. RedHat CEO Matthew Szulik says that interest in Linux is increasing because consumers are less risk averse than they used to be: