Accessible Search by Google

Accessible Search is a new thing in Google labs that puts websites that are standards friendly to the top of the results. This is very interesting because it seems Google is getting into other Page Rank and that I heard they are also working on a Trust Rank and I wonder if the toolbar will start to reflect other ways Google ranks the site. Having a disabled family member it makes me happy that Google has made a way for her to search for websites that are more friendly to her disablity. Congratulations to Google Team and I hope this makes it out of the Labs real soon. Also if you want to do a side by side search comparing the two seaches click here

Update of the Best Practices document and Scope document

Dominique Hazael-Massieux from the W3C writes

After a very productive face to face meeting in Cambridge, Massachussets, hosted by France Telecom, the Working Group has made enough progress in its main document to publish an updated Working Draft of the Mobile Web Best Practices, featuring quite a few changes:

* a clean up of the Best Practices that didn’t fit well in the mobile-specific context

* the association of a test assertion to each testable best practices, the other ones having been marked as informative

* a clearer model of how content adaptation fits into the general conformance to the document

* a definition of a default delivery context (replacing the notion of a “baseline device” in the previous draft), serving as a point of reference for cases where the content is not or cannot be adapted for a particular device

* a general editorial clean up of the content

This results of a lot of collective work over the past few weeks, and the group is now hoping to reach consensus for a Last Call publication very soon! As a result of this, the group is not actually seeking direct feedback on this document, since it is expected to be updated in a few weeks at most.

They are asking everyone out there to take a look at this and send them any comments please help spread the word.

First draft of Mobile Web Best Practices

W3C Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group asking for feedback!

From W3C Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group Blog

The Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group has released last week the first version of Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0, the core document the group is working on.

While the document is not complete and doesn’t reflect completely the group consensus, it is a very important achievement for us to show where we’re heading; it also invites comments on some specific issues on which the group would like to hear about… Don’t wait any second: go read it, and send comments

W3C Atom Feed Validator

W3C Atom Feed Validator

W3C Atom Feed Validator


This feed is valid, but may cause problems for some users. We recommend fixing these problems.

*line 1, column 38: This feed is an obsolete version [help]

line 128, column 279: summary should not contain HTML unless declared in the type attribute (8 occurrences) [help]


Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

W3C RSS Feed Validator

W3C RSS Feed Validator

W3C RSS Feed Validator


[Valid RSS] This is a valid RSS feed.

If you would like to create a banner that links to this page (i.e. this validation result), do the following:

1. Download the “valid RSS” banner.
2. Upload the image to your own server. (This step is important. Please do not link directly to the image on this server.)
3. Add this HTML to your page (change the image src attribute if necessary):