Step 3 Get active

There are so many ways to get active in your life, make your voice heard and start talking, let your representives know how you feel about issues that are dear to you, never write a letter always call or stop by. Start getting active in your communnity volunteer to help clean up your city or town or help out the people in it. Turn off everything in the home except the alarm and go out and enjoy everything nature has to offer even if it is ust your backyard. And ofcourse stay in great physical shape start running and woring out and for peeps sake stop all the bad habits in your life, if you have any, like smoking or drinking and pick up two Healthy ones for every bad one you have. Make time for your family and stay active and apart of thier daily lives show them how much they mean to you a good philisophy to live by is live everyday as if it were like your anniversery with your spouse and live everyday as if like you just brought home your child from the hosptial for the first time with your kids.And with yourself always look for the positive in life and never stress the little things but always deal with your problems when the arise.

Step 2 Shop and recycle

I know all the women out there are going to love this one, most of us have appliances in our home that could be replaced with better more energy efficent aplliances.Everything from the Dishwasher to the Laundry Machine to Hot Water Heaters and Air Conditioners. Go out and splurge gals and make sure it has the E on it for Eneregy efficent. Now I buy everything in cans not bottles and I have and extra trash can in my home just for cans and aluminum. I stopped getting the newspaper every day and now just read my news online. And once every month I go thru my junk mail and send out a standard letter on recycled paper demanding to be taken off thier mailing lists. I work from home but still once a week I pick up all the girls and hit the star bucks for an hour then drop them off and pick them up from work. And with my little girls I always offer to car pool any of the other kids on thier teams or that are in thier classes. And ofcourse I use my Debit card not paper checks to buy everything, I could go on and on but I want to hear from some of you on what you are doing or plan to do to accomplish this step.

Step 1 Go Solar and then outside

We need our Governments and Corperations to invest in solar technology, everyday that we do not collect or store energy from the Sun we are losing money and wasting current energy resources.Google has even gone solar but I remeber awhile ago watching a show on PBS in which Alan Alda “yea that Doctor from M.A.S.H. ” in which he was exploring solar power options and inventions around the World on a show dedicated to alternative energy resources and some guy in Germany invented a spray on version of a solar collector that would coat shingles that are put on Homes then the shingles would be solar collectors and unlike glass solar panels of today, that when a part of the glass breaks the whole panel is useless for collecting energy, with these you could drill holes in the shingles or rip it up, cut it, or whatever and the rest of whatever was left would still collect solar energy. With nano techonolgy a coating could be used to spray any thing including recyceled styrofaom and it would collect energy all day I choose styrophoam because it is going to be here on this planet for the next 500 plus years so would make a great collector. A way to collect moon light would be another great idea if it was at all possible. One more thing is everyone in just America went to the bathroom outside once a month and no not a number 2 nobody needs to step in that, it would save nearly 300 million gallons of fresh water each month, and if we all skipped a shower once a month we would save over 10 billion gallons of water each month. and do not get my started on doing laundry equastion unless you want more numbers.

Unmanageable Addictions

When an addict becomes addicted to a drug that makes thier life become unmanagable then bad things only start to happen in that persons life because of the society structure we live in today, for example bills dont get paid, things start to get cut off and debt starts to build.Thus making the users life even more unbareble when they start to sober up. Another problem is when a addict is told dont take that pill take this pill instead because it’s legal, or if someone who used to shoot drugs and got infected with a virus as a result and is now told because of the virus you got while shooting drugs you now have to shoot these drugs, can make recovering from addiction imppossible. The same with our gas problem in this world all our lives are becoming unmanageable due to our addiction to pertroleum, for example global warming or oil in the water drinking supply or many many other horrible things come from the result of our addiction to gas, sure sure alot of great things happen when we use it, people can travel far distances in short periods of time “blah blah blah” sounds like a junkie on cocaine if you ask me. Which is why I made this post to point out the obvious truth in the world which is record breaking tempertures accross the Globe for instance in Nashville Tennessee U.S.A we have had really high record breaking heat for the month of December in Janauary and more than likely due to Global warming I alomost fear what this summer is going to be like when I walk outside and to think it is only because the people of this world are addicts to a liquid beneath the ground for thier own bisuness gain or personal pleasures makes me sick. All our lives are going to become unmanageable unless we start to sober up as a society and realize what we are going to pass on to our children and thier childrens chlidren and so on, which will be alot of unnecessary pain and suffering that does not have to be , if we all or most of us do something about it now.With that said I am going to write a ten step program for the world maybe a 5 step program so it does not seem that intimidating a walk or climb depending on if your a “the glass is half full or the glass is half empty type of person.

Due to the scum

Due to the scum of the internet plauging my blog with unwanted comments I have enabled a really great feature on my blog that stopped all of it without having ot install any programs. Now what this means for my readers is if you want to comment on my blog you now have to log in and in order for you to log in you must email me first and then I will send you the information needed to log in. Anyone who I do not know in person but reads my blog you to can send me an email, then you are more than welcome to comment on my blog. I will leave this feature on for quite sometime. I just refuse to waste anymore time on spam, and I am sorry for everyone out there not able to share thier thoughts quiclkly with anonymous commenting, but if all else fails and you do not want to login and can always send me an email ashleybowersonline @ I may may just post of from there.