Webzine 2005 San Fransico

Wish I could have made it Matt look forward to making the next one though if you get a chance swing my blog

Matt wrties from the wordpress blog

Myself and a few other WordPress folks will be spending the weekend at Webzine 2005 here in San Francisco. It has shaped up to be a really amazing conference that embraces the indy roots of what we do and I have been looking forward to it for a while now. Best of all, it is affordable! Tickets are only $22 for both days. If you are a WP user and attending be sure to say hi during the conference. I will be participating in two panels.

Seagate says to buy Maxtor for $1.9 billion in stock

Slashdot reports
Seagate Technology on Wednesday said it would buy rival computer disk-drive maker Maxtor Corp. for $1.9 billion in stock.
Under terms of the deal, which is expected to be completed in the second half of 2006, Maxtor shareholders will receive 0.37 shares of Seagate common stock for each Maxtor share they own. Seagate shareholders will own about 84 percent and Maxtor shareholders will own about 16 percent of the new combined company.
The combination is expected to add 10 to 20 percent to Seagate’s cash earnings per share after the first full year of joint operations, Seagate said in a release

This was a great move by Seagate in my opinon because everyone wants to buy out there competetion!

Update of the Best Practices document and Scope document

Dominique Hazael-Massieux from the W3C writes

After a very productive face to face meeting in Cambridge, Massachussets, hosted by France Telecom, the Working Group has made enough progress in its main document to publish an updated Working Draft of the Mobile Web Best Practices, featuring quite a few changes:

* a clean up of the Best Practices that didn’t fit well in the mobile-specific context

* the association of a test assertion to each testable best practices, the other ones having been marked as informative

* a clearer model of how content adaptation fits into the general conformance to the document

* a definition of a default delivery context (replacing the notion of a “baseline device” in the previous draft), serving as a point of reference for cases where the content is not or cannot be adapted for a particular device

* a general editorial clean up of the content

This results of a lot of collective work over the past few weeks, and the group is now hoping to reach consensus for a Last Call publication very soon! As a result of this, the group is not actually seeking direct feedback on this document, since it is expected to be updated in a few weeks at most.

They are asking everyone out there to take a look at this and send them any comments please help spread the word.

Google Acquires 5% of AOL

Posted by ScuttleMonkey from Slashdot
Google just acquired a 5% stake in AOL for $1 Billion, shutting Microsoft out of the deal.” Under this new agreement, among many other things, Google Talk will now interface with AOLs instant messenger according to the announcement on Google’s site. From the announcement: Google Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt said AOL is one of Googles longest-standing partners, and we are thrilled to strengthen and expand our relationship. Today’s agreement leverages technologies from both companies to connect Google users worldwide to a wealth of new content.

I believe this will help both AOL and Google out tremendously what do you all think?

Tantek joins the WaSP Steering Committee

From Tanteks Blog

Tantek writes “A couple of months ago the WaSP invited me to join their Steering Committee. As readers know it’s been a very busy past couple of months, so it has taken me some time to carefully consider the offer and come to a decision.

Effective today, I am publicly accepting the WaSP’s most honorable offer to join up and help fight the good fight for standards that ensure simple, affordable access to web technologies for all.”

Congratulations on joining the WaSP Team Tantek I think you made the right choice in joining !