Intel Calls $100 Laptops Undesired Gadgets

Posted by Zonk on Friday December 09, @05:05PM
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dolphinlover writes “Craig Barrett, Intel Corporation chairman believes that the $100 laptop computers to be manufactured by the MIT media lab run by Nicholas Negroponte beginning in early 2006 are merely ‘gadgets’, making them unattractive to consumers who will be disappointed by their ‘limited range of programs’.” From the article: “Negroponte said at their launch in November the new machines would be sold to governments for schoolchildren at $100 a device but the general public would have to pay around $200 — still much cheaper than the machines using Intel’s chips. But Barrett said similar schemes in the past elsewhere in the world had failed and users would not be satisfied with the new machine’s limited range of programs.”

FreeBSD 6.0 Released

Posted by Zonk on Fri Nov 04, ’05 11:38 AM
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Reyad Attiyat writes FreeBSD 6.0 is ready for release! New features, and there are lots, can be reviewed at the official site. One of the biggest and most anticipated features (mentioned before on Slashdot) is wireless support, which has been greatly improved upon. This includes support for a lot more cards, WAP support, and integration into the dhcpd client. This release comes only mere days off NetBSD’s release and an OpenBSD release. Version 6.0 was intended to be released way back in August but due to a number of factors it had to be delayed till now. Aside from this major release the FreeBSD project has also had some major changes, including most recently a new logo and also a brand new website.”

Apache 2.2.0 Released

Posted by CowboyNeal on Thursday December 01, @11:12PM
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ikewillis writes “According to an announcement on, Apache 2.2.0 has been released. From the announcement: ‘This version of Apache is a major release and the start of a new stable branch. New features include Smart Filtering, Improved Caching, AJP Proxy, Proxy Load Balancing, Graceful Shutdown support, Large File Support, the Event MPM, and refactored Authentication/Authorization.’ View the ChangeLog or check out the new feature list.”

Google Earth Beta for Mac

This van As writes “AppleInsider reports that Google is developing a Google Earth version for Mac OS X. From the screenshots it looks similar to the Windows version, which is out since June 2005. The OS X version uses OpenGL rendering.” From the article: “Earlier this month, a pre-release version of Google Earth for Mac OS X that uses OpenGL rendering reportedly began making the rounds overseas. The 40MB application packs a hefty set of preferences, allowing users to tweak detail and color, and control the speed of their ‘flights.’ Google Earth interfaces with Google’s Web-based mapping service, Google Maps, in providing local search results and driving directions. However, sources say Google Earth for Mac OS X includes a superior set of satellite imagery when compared to the Google Maps Web service, offering additional clarity and a deeper zoom function.”


by jimmy Zhang – Fri, Dec 9th 2005 11:10 PDT

About: VTD-XML is a “non-extractive” XML processing software API implementing Virtual Token Descriptor. Currently, it only supports built-in entity references (” &s; ' > <). Designed to be random-access capable, it attempts to be both high-performance and memory-efficient. In addition, because VTD is inherent persistent, it can be saved on disk along side the XML document to achieve "parse-once, use many times." The "non-extractive" nature of VTD means that incremental, dynamic updates don't require re-serialization of irrelevant parts of the original document.