Star HTML and Microsoft IE7

Molly has a great cross post about Star HTML and Microsoft IE7. Chris Wilson, Group Program Manager for IE Platform and Security at Microsoft, and Position is Everythings Big John Gallant have been having a conversation about * html in Microsofts upcoming Internet Explorer 7 for Windows (IE7). Wilson has been encouraging CSS designers and… Continue reading Star HTML and Microsoft IE7

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Googles Thoughts

Headlines from Googles blogs a must read! Experimenting with navigation Google talks about changes in the navigation on Google Base I’m feeling silly Some funny things done by Googlers with silly putty New JavaScript version 1.30 A new fix for positioning XML Errors in Feeds A bug there working on fixing It’s All About The… Continue reading Googles Thoughts

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WordPress Articles

The WordPress development blog has some great posts that I thought were worth sharing with everyone. I have always been into the wordpress blogging software and it just seems everyday someting new and better comes along that makes there software a breeze to play with. The Blogging Enterprise Conference Bug Hunt WordPress 2.0 Release Candidate… Continue reading WordPress Articles

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