Socom 3

Socom 3 is no doubt the hottest online game out today for the playstation 2. With millions of copies of the game sold and hundereds of thousands of loyal online gamers to play with at anytime {except for one hour maintaince downtime early monday and thursday mornings} it becomes quickly addictive even more so after you join a clan and start battling in clan wars with 15 other friends against 16 oppenets. Lots of great features on this game that were not available on Socom 2 but even still alot needs to be done in order for it to be a great smooth playing game with no lag which hopefully Socom 4 will not have. For Socom 4 I would like to see a Socom 2 style format with Socom 3 style weapons and clothing. The cars and trucks need to be made smaller the players radar range needs to be increased and the name of your teamate needs to always be visible even in scope mode. Also when yo uthrow you rgrenades or shot your RPG you should lose the weight of that and runa dn walk faster after all you just got rid of it why is it still weighing you down because of this there is no realism to the game. Also if a player gets shot then that player should run slower and maybe even lose the limb or have it hanging and also being shot the wounded should start to leave a blood trail. Furthermore to have to give credit card information in order to start getting rank is very ridiculous to me and feel that once again Sony has over stepped it’s privacy boundaries by making players do this! And finaly online players should have the ability to knife a player and do a silent kill when possible. Well one more thing being able to tackle someone would be very cool as well.More guns are needed after all this is the United States Navy where is the aersonal at? No airstrikes sucks as well as not being able to fly any planes or helicopters I really hope the Zipper team gets it together for the next Socom because anything less would just be a let down.

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