Water Fuel

A group of Malaysian scientists who developed the V1 hydrogen fuel technology (HFT), which can significantly reduce fuel consumption and cost, hopes to work with companies to commercialise it.

Its spokesman Mohammad Isa Abdullah said a prototype had been developed and RM5mil was needed for the system to be commercialised.

We have yet to identify the companies which we can work with, but there has been some interest, he told Bernama.

We believe that the project is not only viable but is also of great national interest. The successful launch of the project will result in a substantial reduction in fuel costs for car users and subsidy costs incurred by the Government, he said.

He added that with further research and development, the project could pave the way for groundbreaking innovations to create opportunities in Malaysia.

HFT is designed to fit any car with emphasis on national cars like the Perdana, Waja, Wira, Iswara, Saga and Kancil. The technology uses water as a complementary fuel to petrol and diesel.

It is based on high compression nano-technology that breaks down water into hydrogen and oxygen, that are then pumped into the fuel line.

The new fuel mixture, petrol/diesel (hydrogen and oxygen), is injected into the engine where combustion takes place.

The prototype has been used in a Proton Waja which has clocked 10,000km.

The fuel H2O is able to generate a fuel capacity of 20 litres (10 from petrol and 10 from H2O). For every 10 litres of petrol, the system uses 20 litres of H2O to generate a fuel capacity of 20 litres.


  1. i am very interested in the project would it be possible to have the technology here in the Philippines. it would be a big help to irrigation and production

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