Google Web Tool Kit Blog

GWT developer community news Bret Taylor, Product Manager GWT developers have been energetic in the past few weeks. A few examples: Ryan Dewsbury created GWT-powered gpokr, a cool multiplayer no-limit Texas Hold’Em implementation with real-time chat. Our favorite office time-waster is Mark Roth ‘s GWT Hang Man. Another developer has also started work on a… Continue reading Google Web Tool Kit Blog

Official Google Checkout Blog

Google Checkout and AdWords Gavin Chan, Associate Product Marketing Manager We are seeing a lot of excitement and questions about how Google Checkout works with AdWords, so we thought we would answer some of them here. Here are a few of the more common questions we’re hearing: You will have to click over if your interested… Continue reading Official Google Checkout Blog

Google Video Blog

MTV HIghlights from the Google Video Blog Highlight: MTV Networks MTV Networks is an awesome global media company known for brands such as MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and TV Land. Now on Google Video, you’ll be able to find your hot, cultural favorites such as Chappelle’s Show, Jackass, Punk’d, Laguna Beach, South Park, and Dora… Continue reading Google Video Blog

Britney Simpsons Blog

Britneys Blog is reporting the launch of Opera 9 I can not believe it is already out Opera Software today released Opera 9, its newest Web browser for PCs. You can download it free in more than 25 languages for Windows, Mac, Linux and other platforms from Opera 9 enhances the way you access,… Continue reading Britney Simpsons Blog

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