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Bret Taylor, Product Manager
GWT developers have been energetic in the past few weeks. A few examples: Ryan Dewsbury created GWT-powered gpokr, a cool multiplayer no-limit Texas Hold’Em implementation with real-time chat. Our favorite office time-waster is Mark Roth ‘s GWT Hang Man. Another developer has also started work on a more ambitious photo-sharing site called myNetImages, built with GWT. Check out the GWT Site blog for a nice collection of links and information.

Some more great info and of course the links work on the Google blog for the things these guys created and some other great stuff made by the communnity further down in the original post which is a must read. I read somewhere that Google lets all its employees have one day a week to work on whatever they want. What a great concept

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  1. I wish my work place would let us do that. Sounds like a good work practice to increase motivation

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