Holiday Business Presents

Had a great year this year and decided it was time to buy presents for my family so i went around looking for companies and business to invest in for the long run nothing that I want to sell or get rid of anytime soon and me and the family can watch grow overtime. I was looking for something simple but wante dto know what my readers thought were good investments for the future and if you had a million dollars what would you invest in? So chime on take your time and be creative and let me hear your ideas I just may post them.


  1. Have some fun with your money go on vacation do not just throw it into a public company with the elections going on and shifting power of the House and Senate make it a very volatile market for the next couple of years.Can yo usay Tahititi

  2. Hey Ashley

    Love your site girl so glad you are letting commments back on now was getting worried we gals would never be able to speak again had a great time at the mobile web confrence in San Fransico and would lov eto hang out anytime your on the West Coast hit me up girl. And oh yea this is a no brainer get you some Google Stock with some MSN and Yahoo on the side.

  3. I would put it all into Gold and Oil and maybe a little in some Green companies like Ethanol or Batteries that charge from eco friendly ways.

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