Change in Group Lead

Change in Group Lead

By Drew McLellan | December 20th, 2006

Since taking over the reins of the Web Standards Project from Steve Champeon in early 2004, Molly Holzschlag has led the group though an important phase of its life. Through the development of our successful Task Forces, Molly has helped steer the Project through a significant course change. The close relationships our Task Forces have developed with browser vendors such as Opera and Microsoft are a strong example of our shift from mostly adversarial campaigning to a more consultative and collaborative role.

Molly has done great work as cat herder in chief, and were immensely proud of her and grateful for everything shes done to date. All good things come to an end, however, and in the old showbiz tradition of leaving them wanting more, Molly has decided that now would be a good time to step down from the Group Lead role and focus her efforts within the Task Forces she holds such passion for. We do, of course, support Molly in this decision, and would like to publicly recognize the things shes helped the Project achieve during her tenure as Group Lead.

Looking forward, long-standing WaSP members Kimberly Blessing and Drew McLellan are taking on the roles of group leadership into 2007.

From me : I think Molly did a great job and have no doubt that Kimberly and Drew are going to just as well if not better if that is even possible. Look forward to another great year of standards based postsand news.