A great Nashville Dentist

Was out eating at a great place I like to dine at when all of a sudden one of my teeth shattered and it was late at night I tried calling several Dentists in Nashville from the eatery but none were open, one of the other customers eating at the same place was a Dentist and saw me holding my jaw and calling around town for Dentists and was nice enough to bring me and my date to the his office where he fixed my tooth in less than ten minutes. Was so cool of him that I figured I had to share with the world my little dental experience since he not only fixed my tooth at such a late hour of the night but he did it at cost to him which was not much. Any one looking for a cool Nashville Dentist needs to call this very cool guy Dr. Michael Vaughan

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  1. That Nashville Dentist deserves a dinner if you ask me, you should send him a gift card to Outback or something like that. There is no doubt that when I go to the Dentist next time I am going ot see Dr. Vaughan

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