Holiday Business Presents

Had a great year this year and decided it was time to buy presents for my family so i went around looking for companies and business to invest in for the long run nothing that I want to sell or get rid of anytime soon and me and the family can watch grow overtime. I… Continue reading Holiday Business Presents

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Some ideas

Was thinking about maybe working on some cool ideas I had been thinking about but came accross someone who was already doing it. But what I saw also made me wonder why I do not just think about inventing stuff all the time for a full time. But before I go crazy and quit my… Continue reading Some ideas

Night of the living enzyme

Night of the living enzyme Inactive enzymes entombed in tiny honeycomb-shaped holes in silica can spring to life, scientists at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have found. The discovery came when they decided to salvage enzymes that had been in a refrigerator long past their expiration date. Enzymes are proteins that are… Continue reading Night of the living enzyme