Fast Food Favorites

Out of all the fast food chains in America which is the best and why do you think it is the best? Mine is easy Mac Donalds because it is cheap and fills me up. But ofcourse when I have some extra money I go for the backyard burgers because they have better burgers then Mac Donalds. I do give Hardess credit for there commercials for they are the best ads on television. And speaking of which when I saw a Wendys commercial the other day I know Dave Thomas rolled over in his grave when Wendy was a man instead of a girl. I think Jack In The Box in great to because they have alot of things on the menu the others do not but it takes a long time to get the food because they dont cook it until you order it. Anyways as you can see I am trying out this new polling feature plug in on my blog so alot of these questions are to come but I am having a blast trying it out at the moment.