Tesla Electric Car

Tesla Electric Car Was surfing by Yahoo the other day and ran accross a video from the 9 spot from Yahoo television featuring an electric sports car called Tesla. After watching the video I understood why this makes sense, the car emits nothing from the tail pipe and burns no fossils fuels, and if your… Continue reading Tesla Electric Car

Yahoo acquires shared bookmark site Del.icio.us

By Eric Auchard Fri Dec 9, 5:31 PM ET SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO – news), the world’s largest Internet media site, had agreed to acquire Del.icio.us, a popular Web site that helps users share links to their favorite Web sites, the site’s founder said on Friday. Joshua Schachter, the founder of Del.icio.us,… Continue reading Yahoo acquires shared bookmark site Del.icio.us

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