Ashley Bowers


As an adult I was so tired of having my profile deleted from myspace for having photos up that showed to much mid drift so this is why I started my own dot com so I would have no fear of my content of photos being erased for both personal and work. Then my friends saw how cool my website was and wanted to start posting stuff on the site and keeping track of our tmes and places we spent off and online. So quickly the website grew to big so I told them all to get there own fucking dot com so I would not have to publish everything they wrote. I still kept all the great stuff over time we have done and continue to add to the site monthly but nothing like at the start.So now that I have some spare time I wanted to keep track of all my cool adult stuff which is why your reading this which if you still are then know this.The links below are my personal adult bookmarks and are not safe for viewing at work, with that said you can peak into my world of favorite adult bookmarks.You may also find me posting on this sex toys weblog any great toys I review.

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