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The Mozilla Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation that develops, distributes and promotes the Internet-related applications, including the Mozilla Firefox web browser and the Mozilla Thunderbird email client. Unlike the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, the Mozilla Corporation is a taxable entity. In contrast to most commercial organizations, the Mozilla Corporation is not motivated purely by a desire for profit. Instead, the Mozilla Corporation aims to work towards the Mozilla Foundation's public benefit goals of "preserving choice and innovation on the Internet."

The Mozilla Corporation was established on August 3, 2005 to handle the revenue-related operations of the Mozilla Foundation. As a non-profit, the Mozilla Foundation is limited in terms of the types and amounts of revenue. The Mozilla Corporation, as a taxable organization (essentially, a commercial operation), does not have to comply with such strict rules. Upon its creation, the Mozilla Corporation took over several areas from the Mozilla Foundation, including the development of Firefox and Thunderbird and the management of relationships with businesses.

With the creation of the Mozilla Corporation, the rest of the Mozilla Foundation narrowed its focus to concentrate on the Mozilla project's governance and policy issues. It retains control of the Mozilla source code repository and also owns the Mozilla trademarks and other intellectual property, which it licenses to the Mozilla Corporation.

In November 2005, with the release of Mozilla Firefox 1.5, the Mozilla Corporation's website at was unveiled as the new home of the Firefox and Thunderbird products online.

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